What is an explanation video? This is a short video introduction to a new product or business. This video is about 1-2 minutes long and should be successful in answering basic questions about a particular product or company.

The explanatory video should creatively explain what the product is, what it can be used for, and why someone might want to use it. You may get redirected here to know more about explainer videos.

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Imagine that you have an idea for your employer or potential investor. You only have a short amount of time. So imagine what you would say and how you would use that time to relate to ideas.

Sometimes these videos can be used and created before the product is even finished to generate interest in a potential customer base.

Explanation videos can be a very useful marketing tool for your new company. You've invested a little bit of money building your app or website and of course you want to make some money.

To do this, one must preview your application before any other application on the website and one must be sure that your application meets their needs. Well done explanatory videos can give you the distinction you need.

There are several reasons why an explanatory video can have a greater impact than a plain text description. One reason is because online videos are much more interactive.

They provide more information, are faster and easier, because they have audio and video that are more likely to grab a potential user's attention. And we all know how short the attention of Internet users is.