Design said websites and web site development essentially two sides of the same coin. A website that will complete and could only walk on the Internet with a reliable design and development. Thus, for a person to make a proper web page, the difference between the two should be clear and distinguishable.

Design as we know it includes everything from planning to execution. In the web world, designing web sites usually refers to the process of generating ideas and combining them, usually through a graphics software like Adobe Photoshop.

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When a web designer web page design, it actually provides a framework for the look and feel of the web page. This includes the entire look of the website, ie, colors used, the layout, is to put images, interaction and interactivity and so on.

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Therefore it is very important for a website designer to be very imaginative and creative in his view. At the same time he should have a basic understanding of the back-end development work that was developed behind the development of the website.

Has a number of previous ideas about the development of the website helps in the process of producing the best designs for web pages. So designers must use the talents and artistic knowledge about intelligent design to design web pages that are usually sought after by clients.