Cladding is generally non-structural in nature and may also be functional. In addition, it also contains a degree of water-proofing and forms a suitable barrier against wind and water.

Since different types of wall cladding are available, one should be aware of the information that can help you choose the right exterior wall cladding. This information is necessary because cladding a wall is not a child's play. You can also search for the best quality cladding in NSW from the web.

These are some considerations that should be kept in mind:


Quality is a major factor of concern when choosing exterior cladding or exterior wood decking. The cladding you choose serves its purpose for a long time and will only happen if it is of high quality. If the cladding will retain its finishing for so many years it will also add value to your home.

Ease of installation

No one can deny the fact that solid wood flooring is characterized by easy installation. Similarly, lightweight cladding is also easy to install.


Maintenance is an important factor that must be considered before choosing a wall cladding. Choose a strong surface of cladding that does not require maintenance in short intervals of time. This is because a lot of money has to be spent on maintenance.


If you want to give your home a beautiful and classy look, then you should go for wood. Timber is a material that gives the exterior of a home a classy look and chic appearance, with high price and loss of maintenance.