Do you feel nervous when you have to fly? Do you like airplanes? For many people, anxiety is a barrier, though they were unfounded. 60 million people suffer from fear of flying. This fear affects the patients themselves, their loved ones and their jobs. If you're one of those people and need help with fear of flying, read on.

The first step is to go to the most important reason of your anxiety. Why are you freaking out about flying so much? Go to the anatomy of your fear; understand this aspect of fly that scares you so much. If you are searching for overcome fear of flying then you can navigate

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– Many worry flyers ask themselves how secure it is to travel by air. Many of them are afraid of plane crashes.

– Others do not feel relaxed being in a plane with almost space and without the possibility of escape. They have claustrophobia.

– Still others fear the hum of turbulence and other mechanical noises because they do not have an understanding of what is causing that particular sound. Paranoia may set in.

– People who suffer Acrophobia (who is afraid of heights) scared by the fact that they are 30,000 feet above the ground.

– Especially after 9/11, some people are afraid of becoming victims of terrorist attacks during their flights.

Many causes can trigger a fear of flying. What is your main cause? Once you know the main reason you're afraid of flying, it is time to inform yourself.


Are you like one of five other people who are frightened when you sit on a plane that glides on the runway to death that is almost certain? Is your heart beating fast and your lungs panting until it finally takes off?

Having a flying nervousness is not good but it is usually very easy to overcome the fear of flying! I know I was afraid to fly and I can beat him and you can too. You just have to know where to start.

Why do you have to overcome the fear of flying? Not treating it might make your life very disappointing. You cannot or will not fly abroad or to another country for a vacation. You may have seen long-distance relatives and friends unless they came to you and your career opportunity might suffer if you did not travel or travel as often as you should.

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Did you know that most of the time your fear is based on irrational thinking rather than factual information? Often when you are on a plane, your mind interprets it as a dangerous situation and sends all the wrong signals to your body.

These signals encourage flight responses which in turn increase your hearing rate, your breathing rate and cause a number of other symptoms such as tingling in the lips, arms, and legs. Your chest may feel very tight and you may have difficulty swallowing, almost like you are choking.

At that time it might even feel like you have a heart attack because your mind is a false signal. Of course, if you really believe you have an actual medical problem, you should seek medical help. But often only your body reacts to the danger that is felt by the mind. After you learn to rearrange your mind to find out that it is actually in a safe environment, you will usually see your fear of flying disappearing.