For more than a decade, mobile phones have become the core of our human communication. Business or pleasure, almost everyone has a cell phone which they put to use everyday – for some of us, perhaps even excessive.

In fact, some people even have more than one cell phone – statistically speaking, the phone is larger than television around the world. You can easily get the best top mobile advertising platform for advertisers & programmatic ad network

It is without question that the mobile market is much more influence on potential buyers of television today. For advertisers, this can be an advantage. By UN estimates that the number of mobile users has grown five billion people (of approximately six billion people on this planet in total), there is a bigger vehicle to advertise at the present time.

Image Source: Google

For any business, large or small, mobile advertising is beneficial in the sense that the ad will be seen by millions of people. No matter the service provider, all the networks are able to provide an easy and effective way to reach the target audience.

There are several methods of this form of advertising works, but there is one method that seems to be most prevalent. Most often, mobile advertising is done through a mobile web advertising banners.

It is very effective with mobile phones that allow users to download "apps", such as an iPhone or Android smartphone – which also happens to be the most popular mobile phones on the market. For example, if a user wants to download a free Twitter app, they have ads until they choose to upgrade to a paid version of the application.