Instagram effects are the best way to improve your pictures with a bit of magic before you post them. Some photographers do this by using digital tools to adjust everything from color balance to sharpness to saturation. Also, there are some essential rules of using Instagram effects as well. Your feed needs to feel consistent so users are not put-off by mixed messages from your business.

The next one is doing not over-filters your pictures or videos. While using the Instagram effects you will be noticed that Instagram gives you options or pictures editing like increasing the saturation or adding a “tilt-shift. These features make your images more beautiful. Always do your best to enhance the beauty of your original image rather than dampen it.

The next main feature is making sure the filters you chose to stay “on brand.”As an example, if you are selling supplies and you are using white or black filters, that does not support your brand’s bright and celebratory vibe.

Create your own AR Instagram Effects:

  • The first step is to download the Spark AR Studio program and you can immediately get started building your own AR Instagram effects.
  • It’s super easy to navigate the tool and it’s pretty intuitive when it comes to designing.
  • Start a new project.
  • Import your image gallery as an animation sequence.
  • Add a face tracker & first plane.
  • Adjust the plane.
  • Add Material & Texture to the First Plane.
  • Create a Duplicate Plane & Add Material & Texture.
  • Add Patches.

Test your Instagram filter and spread it out.