There is no doubt that companies that have visionary, or innovative leaders are more likely to fulfill their innovation dreams than those who do not. In addition, a leader who is too concerned with innovation tends to produce a company without a rudder.

We believe that a leader needs to support and maintain innovation, led by example. It is not enough to just talk about innovation; action is needed to show such commitment. You must be consistent in your approach, you cannot switch resources between core activities and innovation on a whim. You need to have the appropriate resources to manage both activities, recognize the difference.

Why does that matter? Research has shown that organizations see innovation as a top three business priority. Realizing this, they accepted that senior management must be involved, although, as indicated by the data from the following survey, at a level that was lower than expected. You can visit the site to know about innovation leadership.

innovation survey

"How to Approach the Corporate Approach" considers innovation and leadership as part of the survey. When asked about 'the types of innovation decisions made by the leadership team', the answer is as follows:

· 'We determine where to focus our innovation efforts' – 64%;

· 'We made a commercialization decision' – 52%;

· 'We decide who will work on the innovation project' – 50%;

· 'We made go / no-go decisions, spent funds at various points during the innovation process' – 47%;