Vacations attract everyone and all prefer to visit an attractive destination which makes them feel like heaven on earth. Attractive destinations have high footfalls of travellers and travellers love to visit such places because of its feel.

Attractive destinations have huge staying facility such as hostels and hotel. Travellers prefer to stay in a hostel when they are affording economical vacations and prefer a hotel when they need more privacy and have more to spend on accommodation. There are a variety of hostels and one can opt as per the facility and ambience provided by the hostel.

Cheap hostels are for those who prefer just the safe stay in the facility and don’t expect anything more. Regular hostels are better than a cheap hostel in comparison to the service provided by them. This is the reason these hostels provides all the basic facility one can expect from hostel stay.

Homely hostels are another kind of hostel and they give the cosy feel of a home. They are equipped with garden, dining area, common kitchen and other such facilities which provides entirely the feel of a home. They are not as expensive as a luxurious hostel but they are a better option in terms of ambience from a regular hostel.

Luxurious hostels are the one which provides a feel of a five-star hotel but are highly affordable than any luxurious stay. Hostel in Indonesia has all the varieties and one can opt for any kind of hostel stay they prefer.


This is not just some philosophical thought. This is a scientific fact. People who take regular vacations tend to live longer than people who take sparse vacations or none at all. Here are a few reasons why vacations really help. 

Mental Health – One of the biggest factors that affect a person’s longevity is their mental health. People tend to ignore this but it eventually affects them. Taking a vacation is good for mental health. You are happy, you are not thinking about your problems, you are in a good frame of mind on a vacation.

Physical Health – On a vacation, you are travelling and moving around. This means that you are getting some form of exercise. This is very important and good for your body. Some people even tend to lose weight once they return from their vacation. 

Reconnect – Vacation is a great time to reconnect with your spouse, your kids or your friends. This rebuilding of the relationship has a great impact on your overall health. You will be much happier and healthier after you have reconnected with your loved ones. 

Rejuvenate – Work stress is one of the main things that affect the body, and once you are on a vacation, you will feel this stress ebb away. No wasting time stressing about your work. Just enjoy the vacation. You will return to work all rejuvenated and ready to work harder. 

Hostels in Indonesia are a great place for vacation and get all the benefits mentioned above. Book a vacation today!