Drywall pops are chips that interfere in the paint and plaster that appears on your wall, they are usually the size of a dime or a quarter. They begin as irregular or deformed circular cracks and may actually appear over time.

Common in new homes and apartments, drywall pops are usually nails, sometimes screws, which have shifted from just below the surface of the drywall and emerge through the finish. You can also visit petrohomereno.ca/services/drywall-installation-toronto for drywall repair services in Toronto.

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Repairing the area is not difficult; you can easily do it yourself in four simple steps, using some standard tools.

Step 1

The wall area will be clearly visible, the paint and the connections will be pushed by the nail head. Before fixing the pop, try and remove the nail. If you can't pull out the nail, hammer deeper into the wall. If it is a screw, tighten the screw so that the screw head is under the drywall surface.

Step 2

Using a drywall knife (available at any hardware store), carefully cut all uneven material against the wall. Light sand over the area to clean it.

Step 3

Drive one or two screws through the drywall surface to attach it to the stud underneath, positioning the screw directly under or above the pop that you just cleaned because it will ensure you hit the stud.

Step 4

Finish the surface with the compound together, and then sand when it is completely dry.