Hang drywall correctly depends as much on using the right tools as well as on following the correct process. To hang drywall correctly, the panel must first be placed in the ceiling. This allows them to be supported by the drywall panels that form the wall. When hanging ceiling panels, it is best to use a dry socket.

The easy to use, hand-operated jack holding the panels firmly in place on the plane level, preventing it from cracking due to the pressure that is not balanced and ensures that the panels rest directly against the ceiling beams. You can also get the best services of drywall repair in Toronto for hanging the drywall.

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When the drywall is measured and ready to be attached to the ceiling and wall beams, both ring shank nails and screws can be used to hold it in place. Given the considerable amount of screws or nails are used in most of the projects drywall.

12 "apart on the ceiling beams and 16" apart on a block wall, pistol screw is one of the most frugal drywall hand tools available at that time, Screws or nails should be driven slightly below the surface of the drywall. Most automatic screw guns put screws in ideal depth. When using a nail, a special drywall hammer with a rounded head used to put the nail in the right depth.