No matter how expensive or powerful your car is, it needs to be repaired right away. To prevent this from happening, you need to follow routine auto maintenance and checkups. The following sections provide simple but effective vehicle maintenance tips that can save you money in the long run.

It is important to change the oil according to the manufacturer's recommended for basic car maintenance schedule. For most cars, this is every 6,000 kilometers or three times a month, whichever comes first. Replacing the oil assures that the engine oil is fresh and at the correct level, which will keep the engine running smoothly.

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Check the radiator quickly to make sure a fully equipped mechanic and a professional check the antifreeze in the cooling system. If it gets too hot, it can cause major damage and basic maintenance of the cooling system can prevent this.

You are advised to take your car to the Dubai auto repair shop for a complete check. This way you can be sure that special attention will be paid to all parts of your car. Therefore, the probability of a collision is low.

Think about tire pressure. Check with a pressure gauge and use a pump to fill it to the correct level. The best time to check barometric pressure is when the weather changes because the temperature has a large impact on barometric pressure.

Go to the same auto repair shop because the mechanic will notice things that you may not have for that car and might give you tips on car care and maintenance that the mechanic may have missed the first time.