A bed bug is probably the very last insect that you ever want to see in your home. Like all other pests, for everyone that you see, there could be hundreds that you don't. Moreover, this particular species happens to be quite resilient. Countless homeowners have spent fortunes to eliminate them, and often to no avail. If this is an issue that you're currently dealing with, read on to discover everything that you want and need to know about bed bugs in Valrico FL, including how to get rid of them.

These are tiny insects that typically cluster around human and animal sleeping areas. They come out at night to feed by biting on the bodies of living hosts. The defecate and shed wherever they exist. They also lay eggs by the hundreds. As such, if you know what to look for, it isn't all that difficult to spy them out.

One of the first signs that you are dealing with this issue is the appearance of bites on the arms, face, and other body areas of unsuspecting sleepers. These are usually first noticed upon waking up. They are red, raised and clustered together. Some people report that these bites can both burn and itch. If you are unsure of what type of insect has bitten you or another household resident, simply look up photos of specific insect bite types online.

Check your mattress to look for other evidence. Tiny brown dots will mark the mattress and bedding if they are actually present. This is their feces and it often looks much like digested blood, which it is. Upon flipping the mattress over, you may find a number of these insects clustered there.

You also need to pay careful attention to any animals living in your home. Dogs and cats can sometimes play host to these insects as well, although they tend to stick around the longest when they have human hosts. If your pet is irritable and unnaturally itchy, check his bedding too.

Heat is the surest way to kill these pests given that they succumb to high temperatures. It can also be the best given that it eliminates the need to use strong and potentially harmful chemicals. You can wash and dry bedding at high heats, and can use a steamer to treat all mattresses, box springs, carpeting and other infested structures and areas. These pests are amazing hiders so check in nightstands and behind framed pictures near sleeping areas also.

There are a number of over the counter treatments that you can apply also. Keep in mind that these are not formulated to kill all generations of this species. Due to this fact, you may require several treatments before effectively breaking the breeding cycle.

When heat won't get the job done, which is often the case when infestations become house-wide, you should contact a professional. Pest removal companies can quickly and easily break breeding cycles by killing all generations of these bugs off. They can also perform follow-up visits to make sure that the problem stays away.