There were early models of a game that took after a hockey table game with players constrained by poles that goes back as right on time as 1932. You can easily check this useful reference to know more about bubble hockey table which is great in demand these days.

Super Chexx PRO Deluxe Bubble Hockey Table

This air pocket game was made by Innovative Concepts in Entertainment (ICE). ICE made Chexx and started fabricating the game in 1982. The first game was created with the longshot USA Olympic Hockey group of 1980 went head to head against the reasonable most loved Russian Hockey group. Playing off the prominence of this success, they sold 5,000 tables in their first year of business and were mainstream in arcades and hockey arenas everywhere on the nation. 

They actually keep on building up the game today in Clarence, New York is only outside of Buffalo. Their greatest development to the domed table to date was the arrival of the Super Chexx in 1993 and has gotten the staple of the game which is known by everyday today. Despite the fact that ICE was the first creator of the arcade game, different makers started delivering their own varieties of the table in the 1990′s.