Smokers all over the world agree: You really have never enjoyed smoking a good cigar until you smoke a Cuban. The reason is the fact that Cuban cigars are created by hand; Each leaf of tobacco is carefully selected, dried, cleaned, and finally rolled in a very intricate process according to extremely high-quality guidelines for the strong and delicious taste that makes each Cuban brand unique.

While this process takes longer than other cigars (mostly machine-based), the resulting cigars offer a smoking experience that cannot escape anyone's attention. You can also get a tour of boutique cigar factory in Ybor city.

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Perhaps the most famous Cuban cigar is "Cohibas", a soft and fragrant cigar smoked around the world. But don't forget the other unique brands: "Montecristo", "Partagas" and many other producers have made Cuba the first and most important tobacco producer and supplier in the world, and this is a well-deserved award.

If you have tried one of the special Cuban cigars then of course you are aware of these facts yourself. But if, on the other hand, if you have smoked a cigar before but have never tried Cuban, or if you have never smoked but would like to enjoy these pleasures (very different from smoking) then we highly recommend you to get a quiet place, maybe some quiet music and some good "Habano". You will find that there is no better smoking experience.

Cuban cigars have won first place on the list of best tobacco brands and are almost mandatory if you truly love the joys of life.