One of the problems that arise when a person has an engine, such as an engine air compressor, in their garage is that they eventually will try to find ways to use the machine is not correct. 

No matter how many warnings on them, people always find a way to do something that can lead to potential long-term harm. One of the most common parts of the engine wind compressors used improperly can harm is the compressor air filter.

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Most of the time, the person using the wrong filter with no fault of their own. They think that what they want to do will be able to add to the benefits achieved through the use of the machine. 

With proper warning, the person will be able to see that this action will lead to disaster and should be avoided.Those filters, such as those made by Ingersoll Rand compressor parts, are to perform the functions of filter air coming from the engine out into the air that other people breathe. 

The filter traps dirt and debris before it is able to get into the air, which can cause long-term effects, such as lung cancer from inhaling deadly fumes. In most cases, they perform well and reduce the amount of unhealthy air they release.

Some people see this as an opportunity to improve the smell of the air around them. To do this, they may either spray the filter with pleasant-smelling like perfume or air freshener febreze or other brands like. 

This can cause the filter is not able to perform well and also increases the level where the filter may deteriorate.