You may often see messages, 'toll-free' in advertisements and billboards. The number displayed is a telephone number that starts with 1300, 1800, 0800 or 800 by country.

There is a little variation in terminology and number structure. In Australia, they are called toll free numbers while they are called free telephone numbers.

This means that when you call this number from a landline in that country, you don't pay for the call. You can browse if you're looking for 1300 number provider.

This is used by business organizations to encourage their customers to place orders or make questions. Customers prefer to call this channel because they know that the call is free.

How do toll-free numbers work? These are virtual numbers in the sense that they are not related to a particular landline but are transferred by the service provider to the physical number of the business or company.


So when a toll-free caller calls, the call is actually forwarded to or transferred to one or more physical landforms according to the configuration.

Businesses can configure geographical calls to be received at different land locations or they can even configure them to be received on different lines according to the time of the call.

Business owners cannot use toll-free channels to make outgoing calls because they are virtual numbers and can only accept incoming calls and do not have a fixed channel attached to them.