For decades businesses have used shopping bags as a mean for branding, increasing awareness for the product and other marketing purposes. In the past, we could see these marketing tools in action every day at supermarkets, where each bag has a store logo printed on it.

This, in turn, makes a great advert for the store, and it is a common practice we still see every day, but the medium itself; the shopping bag has changed. With a growing number of stores making the transition from disposable to reusable shopping bags, the opportunities for shopping totes as a marketing tool have increased dramatically. You can also market your brands by simply getting the best polypropylene shopping bags from

Where marketing through other channels such as television, radio or even the Internet can cost thousands if not millions of dollars, using shopping bags are a relatively cost-effective way to achieve the same target audience with a much lower cost. With the introduction of reusable woven polypropylene (PP) bags, this concept just became a lot cheaper, while remaining just as effective, if not more effective as a marketing tool.

The keyword in this concept is the durability. Because people can use shopping bags that can be reused again and again, the same audience is reached for the branding and marketing purposes as with the reusable shopping bags, only using far less shopping bags, which cuts down in expenses for printing the logos, product names or brand names on the woven bags.

Another advantage of the woven polypropylene reusable grocery bags is the fact that they are really cheap to manufacture, so companies are looking for double savings. They save money when buying reusable grocery bags and save on costs.