A lot of men and women who do routine yoga report increased feelings of wellbeing with loss of depression and low mood however before a controlled research is completed, these reports are just anecdotal and never considered evidence by the health care profession.

A recent study reported in Psycho-Oncology at February 2009, revealed that 10 months of Restorative yoga enhanced the psychological prognosis of women with breast cancer. In a controlled study of 44 women with or recovering from breast feeding, 22 girls participate in routine Restorative yoga as well as another 22 were at the control group, who didn't practice yoga.

Of the yoga class after ten months that the majority reported that an increase in their own sense of wellbeing and a decrease of feelings of melancholy compared with the control group.

Restorative yoga poses for cancer patients that uses props such as chairs, blankets and bolsters to help individuals with illness and disabilities to enjoy the benefits of yoga. This may be utilised in a maintenance setting and with assistance from a yoga instructor, the very best positions are available for you.

Since you're encouraged in places with cushions and walls it empowers the man to experience deeper comfort without fear of falling or injury. Many yoga teachers integrate these places in their comfort part of their clinic or any time a pupil has accidents or limitations.

Many pregnant women keep with their yoga nicely in their last trimesters with all the knowledge and support of the yoga instructor.




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