Bananas are always a cure for having a baby, and what a cure. Bananas were an all-time favorite fruit, they always preceded the fruit bowl.

It is only recently that I realized that bananas are actually an herb, in fact, it is nature's world record that it is the largest herb as it grows 40 feet high. For more information about yellow plantain visit

Yellow Plantation

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They do not have wooden trunks like trees do and fruits grow into clumps at the end of the stem, which is made up of leaves trapped in rainwater.

Fruit, vegetable or herbaceous bananas have a major role in many food products worldwide and the health benefits are that they justify bananas as a healthy food.

Most plants are inedible until cooked, usually boiled and then fried or pickled. Green bananas and plants have a high starch content. When they cook, they turn yellow and the starch turns into sugar. Some varieties of bananas turn red when ripe.

Bananas and plants are low in fat and rich in fiber, potassium, magnesium, iron, and folic acid, all of which are essential for a good diet. It has been said that bananas are the only food that you can live fully because they contain all the necessary nutrients and vitamins to survive.