Many different types of equipment used to help people climb. As the current number, one concern is the possibility of falling rock climbing, the most important piece of gear for rock climbers who use them and the rope system.

Modern climbing rope is designed with a length of twisted fiber core surrounded by a woven fiber. A static rope is another type of rope that does not have the same amount of giving and used for critical connections of belaying / anchoring system that climbers use to stay connected to the surface of the stone. You can buy paracord climbing rope from

The nylon webbing used in some cases but is a completely different kind of special material with exceptionally high tensile strength.

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Systems that use rock climber rope attached to a belay device 'piece of gear that allows the rope to gradually released but grab onto the rope and prevent it from continuously running in case of a fall. Belay devices will be attached to the rock face with some kind of support or cam system to provide an anchor point.

A belay device will have an active or passive camming device. With an active camming device, users must lock strap with / handbrake and carabiner. Of course, when the system is in use, the two people who climb together to improve the safety, and the second currency will be responsible for maintaining the system belaying operational in case of a fall.

Finally, climbers attached to ropes and belay devices using a harness. The most important thing in choosing a harness is to ensure that it has suitable, as it will likely have to support a lot of weight to the amount of good time.