Yoga is a fun way to get fit. You can practice anywhere. All you need is a yoga mat and that's it. 

The use of a yoga mat essentially provides a definite space for you on the floor and also to protect you from the hardness and cold ground when you do yoga intensively. 

Selecting your designer yoga mat depends on several variables. There are so many yoga videos uploaded to YouTube. You can see them and practise asanas. Some of these are from celebrities from around the world, while some yoga practitioners themselves. If you browse the videos, you will find that the asana explained in a very simple language before.

 After each asana, the benefits of certain postures are also described in detail. In this way, you will know where the asana is for what purpose and how you will benefit from it.

If you suffer from arthritis, you know what posture to practice to reduce joint pain. The same applies to spondylitis. To lose weight and get in shape it is not necessary to adopt different positions. Decide what you want to achieve and then look for a video online. There are several hundred videos available from which you can choose.

Our lifestyle is such that we end up eating junk food almost every day. This together with lack of exercise and a sedentary life can cause PCOD. You can heal completely with proper yoga poses. There are so many videos. 

Keep in mind that you will not master this on the first day. It will take weeks or even months to master the different positions. You will get the results for some time. Many yoga instructors at home are willing to come to your house to teach you. So why don't you take advantage of these benefits?