testing in Newcastle asbestos

Any amount of exposure to Asbestos is harmful to your body however the risks of various illnesses differ on the amount of exposure. Most asbestos-related diseases and their symptoms only begin to show up after years of exposure. These diseases can take 10 to 40 years to develop. Short-term and one-off exposure are considered very low risk unless the intake of exposure was very intense meaning during that short amount of time the intake of Asbestos fibres was way over the limit.

Also, one thing to take notice of is that Asbestos exposure is cumulative. Over time the fibres inhaled will join in with the already existing ones and destroy tissue linings much quicker present on various vital organs in your body. More the toxic microscopic fibres, more the damage. Eventually, these fibres will expose the organs and, in many cases, formation of tumours can take place resulting in life-threatening diseases like Asbestosis, Mesothelioma, and lung cancer.

Mostly short term and one-off exposure are written off unlike people who have worked in natural asbestos deposits or asbestos-related industries where it is a major health risk but it is a very good habit to take precautions. Get to know your house and its surroundings and call on experts if you suspect to have products containing Asbestos. Removal of these products is the best that you could do for yourself and your loved ones. Look for professionals who do asbestos testing in Newcastle. Get them to take a look at your home ASAP.