Every child dreads going to see an orthodontist as if going to the dentist was not bad enough. Now you have to come to terms with getting braces put on thanks to your dentist who recommended that you go see an orthodontist.

To be honest, make your braces hurt until you get used to it. To get more information about orthodontists, you can also consult the orthodontist in Sacramento via https://sacramento4kids.com/resource/orthodontics.

You also need to make sure that you brush very well as food can get caught in your bracket. You're not allowed to chew gum or candy, and the worst part is that you have to squeeze it once a month.

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Braces can make you feel very unattractive unless you have confidence in yourself. You may feel like you will never be able to show your face again at school.

Either that or don't smile because you're embarrassed about what people would say if you showed them braces. You need to have the confidence to appear in public and you will feel better about yourself.

You have to find who is keeping the relationship. Surround yourself and ask yourself who cares if someone talks badly about you. If someone is badmouthing you, they are not your true friends.

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