It isn't just you, the candidate, who's supposed to answer questions once the headhunter or recruitment agency calls. When they are done it's your turn to reinforce and enhance the impression you've already made, by asking some legitimate and intelligent questions.

These questions help you gauge the efficacy of the headhunter and whether you should spend your time and energy. You can get the services of recruitment agency in Philippines via

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What types of companies do your job for? This is an essential question to ask a headhunter. A number of them have quite specific and market areas of support and it may not be worthwhile if they're not in accord with your area of work.

How long are you in this business? Just as your experience counts to the interviewer, similarly you're justified to enquire how many years they have behind them. This gives you an idea about their expertise and efficiency, and how early you may expect to be placed.

Can I meet some people I'd be working with? This produces the headhunter realize that you're serious about wanting to gauge the sort of work atmosphere and if you'll fit in.

How do you proceed when you have something for me? A very valid question because they should outline the process they use, from telephone calls to have you on the interview site along with other information.

Headhunters are ready to subject and answer candidate queries. Be smart to alter your questions based on the situation at hand. This will make a fruitful interaction and help you arrive at an excellent career decision.