Coffee tables serve a lot of purposes and come in a lot of styles, materials, and shapes which makes it easy to be lost in selection. We are here to assist with these easy tips for selecting your ideal coffee table.

It is Ideal to buy a coffee table once you have bought its key companion – couch or chair because the perfect dimension of a coffee table is determined by the width, height, and a number of the sofa and chairs.

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Allen Marble Coffee Table, Black

Follow these tips when measuring for a coffee table:

Coffee Table Height

Before you consider variables such as type and style, it is important to take into account the height of your coffee table. While the normal coffee table elevation is roughly 17 inches, the ideal measurements for your table should depend mostly upon the height of the seat you decide to set it with.

The Size of Your Space and Your Additional Furnishings

If your location is small, small side tables for holding small things and ottomans for footrests could suffice. Rectangular or oval coffee tables have significantly less effect on traffic circulation than round ones.

If your area is big, make sure that the coffee table is large enough that the sofa and chairs do not dwarf it. The more chairs around the coffee table, the bigger it ought to be.


Decide whether you want your coffee table to mix in or stand out. To mix in, it ought to be in a fashion that matches the decor of the room along with another furniture. If you'd like your coffee table to stand out, select a contrasting fashion, material, color, or form.