For most business owners to become an expert SEO analyst it doesn't make sense, but you have to be armed with the knowledge of what you need to be more successful than SEO, and what is expected of whoever you hire to do it.

To have an effective Internet marketing in Toronto, you should employ an SEO professional.

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Be careful of anyone who promises you the top position on Google or direct results. As good as that sounds, it's too good to be true.

Effective and slow SEO that is equal to the month and month of work. There is no fast track to SEO success and don't get me wrong about it, search engines are not easily fooled. There is a penalty for what has been created as a "Black Hat" SEO technique. Here are some Black Hat SEO techniques:

Fill in the keywords (packing a long list of keywords on your site)

Invisible text (this is done by placing text in your HTML that doesn't appear on your website when viewed)

Small text or alternative text (placing very little text on your page for spam keywords)

Mirror sites (sites that are duplicates of your site)

Submitting your site repeatedly to search engines (which are seen as spamming)

Using one of the tactics above will not only make your site punished in search rankings.

Backlinks (links on other websites that link to you) are important for SEO, and getting bad links or spam, is not good for SEO.