If you have a pool, you know that this can be a problem sometimes. The pool is a wonderful thing, especially on hot summer days. Swimming pools bring joy and fun to everyone, perfect for parties and other occasions.

The only problem with pools, as anyone who owns a pool will know, is keeping them clean. Leaves and insects seem more attracted to ponds than anything else on the lawn! Pools can get dirty quickly and cleaning the pool is a very long job.

Also, oftentimes people buy pool covers, but then another problem arises. The covers are ideal for keeping the pool clean and free of dirt, insects, and leaves.

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However, the covers can also be uncomfortable for installing and shutting down the pool. For many people who own a pool, the cover can be so annoying that you won't remove it because it takes so long. However, once you download it, it looks like it will take a long time to turn it on again!

So, what are you doing? You love your pool and want to keep it from getting dirty because it takes so long to clean. You also can't stand the cover because it takes so long to remove and put back on. The solution is to close the pool automatically. Auto close is great because it's simple and easy to use!

Automatic pool covers keep your pool clean and more accessible. If you have little ones who understand how dangerous a pool is, the automatic pool guard is great! They keep your pool closed to prevent accidents that your toddler could have with the pool.