African tribal masks are unique in its class works of art, which have unique and significant characteristics. They were widely used by people across West and Central Africa. 

Fine tribal art– The masks were put on to hide the personal identity, to walk into a masked ball or even can be used in Halloween parties. 

fine tribal art

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On the contrary, for someone of West African descent, it involves placing a mask with a very different meaning. West Africans do not wear their masks for simple fun or for the sake of fashion. 

African tribal masks are a vital aspect of the tradition of West Africa, culture and life. Each tribe African endows her own sense of style and feel of their masks. No two African tribes ever produce the same mask as the other.

A tribe of West Africa is characterized by maintaining this sacred tradition is the Maasai people outside . For the Maasai tribe of Kenya, the ancient practice of using African tribal masks is what allowed them to connect to the souls of their dead ancestors long ago. 

The mask will be used by adult members of the tribe, and for each significant occasion that occurs in the lives of these people will not be a ritual act attached to it.

These masks are used for some of the most serious events that occur, such as war dances, the death of a family member or for the purpose of teaching the younger invaluable moral lesson.

Moreover, these tribal masks are often used to mark the passage of a kind of celebratory event. Situations that are commemorated with the use of these masks adorned include marriage, initiation into adulthood and the annual harvest.

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