A resume is a document that makes the employer realize your career goals, skill sets, and experience. Every job seeker, whether fresh or experienced, have to write a resume. Resume writing tips are beneficial as one gets an idea about how to document talent or relevant work history in a compact format.

Interesting resume writing needs to understand the various pros and cons. The first and foremost thing that is important when writing a resume is to understand the job profile and writing resume accordingly. Some companies ask to enter your information in a customized format. You can find professional resume writers and resume writing services from various online sources.

'Work experience' is the most important part of your resume and always remember that employers want to know about how you handle difficult situations. If someone is having extensive experience, said more than 15 years, it is not necessary to write parts of the experience in detail because it would be too long.

The employer certainly would not spend the time to read pages of your resume. Always check proof of your resume before sending it to the concerned person. Writing a resume cover letter which will clearly indicate the purpose of applying for a specific job

Writing personal information detailed in the next section of your resume. You can mention your name, contact details, and e-mail address at the beginning.

As far as hobbies are concerned, there is no rule of thumb exists. You can mention your hobbies if they are relevant to the job profile you are looking for. If your hobby requires dedication, strategic approach, creativity, and consistency, the employer can see it when they analyze your interpersonal skills and the inherent.

On the surface, they may all seem the same. But there are a lot of fundamental differences between Rufus and Etcher. So lets find out what separates Rufus from Etcher. Rufus and Etcher both have large communities of active users. Both of these tools are favored among Linux users. Rufus is a software that allows you to make a bootable USB drives in an extremely easy and safe way. Rufus has received a lot of positive feedback since it was first released in 2011. Pete Batard developed it, and he made it open-source. The source code of Rufus is publicly available for those who may wish to adapt or develop the tool for further applications. It is also available as a portable version. Unfortunately, Rufus only works for Windows right now but support for other platforms like the Mac are in the pipeline. Even though Rufus only supports Windows, it can burn almost any operating system into a USB flash drive. Rufus is the fastest bootable USB maker software currently available on the market.If you’re interested, you can find out more at Rufus’s website.

Now let’s see what Etcher has to offer. Like Rufus, Etcher is open-source. It also has a portable version. But, unlike Rufus, Etcher runs on Windows, Linux, Mac, and thus it can run on any operating system. Etcher was developed by Balena. The minimum requirements for Etcher are 256 MB of RAM and just over 2 GB of disk space. Now, let’s see how easy it is to make a bootable USB drive using Etcher. For the purposes of this tutorial, we’re using Ubuntu but you can use whatever operating system you prefer.

You can download Etcher application from their official website. You can do this by clicking on the large green download link at the top of their page.

  1. Once the download is complete, click on the Etcher executable file. A configuration screen will appear. All you have to do is click “Install”.
  2. When the Etcher is fully installed, simply click the Finish button. Etcher should start automatically.
  3. After that, insert an empty USB drive into one of the USB ports on your computer.
  4. Press the Select button and go to the Downloads folder to find the Ubuntu ISO image downloaded.
  5. Click Select Drive and choose the drive letter that corresponds to the USB drive you inserted.
  6. After double-checking everything, click on Flash.
  7. Now, Ubuntu will be burned to your USB drive. After it is completed, you will be able to boot your computer from your burned USB drive.

download Etcher

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