This is used to improve workability of concrete. In professional language it is known as water reducing admixture. Concrete plasticizer ensures the water ratio in cement is the right quantity, they are added in the ratio of zero point one to zero point five by weight of the cement.

In some cases, workers prefer adding more water to make working with it easier. This will tamper with the integrity of your structure being built. When the water levels are high, cracks start to appear and the concrete starts to bleed. When this happens the structure is deemed unsafe for human or animal occupation. Which means it will have to demolish and the process started a fresh. These are additional costs that no one would like to deal with.

The benefits of adding this mixture are they increase workability. This means that working with cement will be much easier. When working without this compound added, the cement tends to be hard to maneuver this makes the workers add in more water. With this compound added the mixture becomes lighter to work with and also saves on time. Workers will have an easy time moving and spreading it. They will not look for shortcuts to try and finish the work faster and with the least effort.

The second advantage of using these additives is increased strength. The additives not only make working easier but also ensure structural integrity. The structure being built will last longer because the additive ensures there is no segregation in the structural composition. We have all seen building collapse during rough weather or start to crack when there is an earth disturbance.

When plasticizers are used and in the right quantity of measure, such scenarios will be avoided. Thirdly it reduces the quantity of cement being used. Cement is quite expensive but with the inclusion of the component, this cost is reduced drastically because the quantity of bags being used reduces.

It decreases permeability. This is the ability of the mixture after drying to resist water flow into. When water is allowed to flow into the porous solid it may cause cracks to appear and tamper with the stability of your building. The fourth reason is it increases the durability of this structure. The structure can last for very long time when the mixing is done right.

There are different types of plasticizers. They include water reducers, set retarders, set accelerators, super plasticizers among others. All these work on different aspects of the building process. Most people are now moving to these compounds because they have realized the improvement they make in building. They are also not harmful to the body or environment.

With a limited budget one is able to build that dream project the heart has been yarning for because we have good helpers that will ensure that all our hard work last long. This technology has proved to be very helpful compared to olden days. As technology changes better methods of building are coming up and reducing costs.

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